To register a team different steps must be followed:

Part 1 (deadline 1): 15 April 2015  15 May 2015
For late entries (after 15 May 2015) please contact The organisation will evaluate your case and let you know if you can register to participate in euRathlon.

• Send an email to Gabriele Ferri: and Fausto Ferreira, to express your intention to participate in the competition (the email should include all the documents described below, if applicable).
• Fill and send the Team Information Form with team members information.
• Fill and send the Vehicle(s) specification sheets for each of the participating robots.
AUV Vehicle specification sheet
UGV Vehicle specification sheet
UAV Vehicle specification sheet
USV Vehicle specification sheet
• (Aerial robots) Fill and send the following documentation:
Maintenance Manual
Operations Manual
RPAS description
RPAS safety study
• If your team is looking for teams in other domains, send the Team Match Form and we will put you in contact with teams that match your criteria.

Part 2 (deadline 2): see below.
Start:  15 May 2015 Deadline:  26 June 2015

• Send the Scenario Application Paper (SAP) and a video (optional for ground and marine robots) describing the vehicle(s). The video is not mandatory (except for UAVs as provided in the aerial robots documentation) but will guarantee additional points to the team. SAPs and video will be reviewed by the euRathlon Scientific Panel. Please read the SAP instructions
• Fill and send the Letter of Intent (LOI) signed & Liability Statement. Please download the EURATHLON_CMRE_LOI_2015
• Send the Photograph & Video release form signed by each of the team members.
•To apply for a student travel grant send an application letter to and giving reasons why support should be given to your team and indicating the authorised representative. (Only applies to Students enrolled in EU Universities or EU Research Centres or EU Companies). Please read the Instructions for the Student Travel Support. Documents that must be completed after the competition for claiming the expenses: 1) Expenses_Template-Eurathlon-2015-v.2 ; 2) Third-Party-Form
• Payment of a non-refundable registration fee. For single domain teams, the fee is 400 EUR. For double domain teams, the fee is 600 EUR and for three domain teams the fee is 750 EUR. Download the Bank Transfer information.

A team that has submitted the application Part 1 before the deadline 1 and has received acknowledgement from the organisers becomes an euRathlon entrant. However, to remain an entrant and to successfully complete the application procedure, Part 2 must be completed before the second deadline. The teams will receive an acknowledgement of their received applications.

Notification of acceptance: 15th July 2015

For information and updates on this call please check the euRathlon website.
For further information contact: