euRathlon 2015 air+land+sea competition
Official Results

Team  ISEP/INESC TEC+Cobham+Universitat de Girona, winners of euRathlon 2015.
Photo credit: euRathlon

euRathlon 2015 Grand Challenge (Land + Air +Sea)
1st: Cobham + Universitat de Girona + ISEP/INESC TEC
2nd equal: ICARUS
2nd equal: Bebot + AUV Team TomKyle
3rd: ENSTA Bretagne Team 1

Sub-challenge (Land + Air): Survey the building and search for a missing worker 
1st: Cobham + ISEP/INESC TEC

Sub-challenge (Land + Sea): Stem the leak
1st: Cobham + Universitat de Girona

Best euRathlon SSRR Autonomy Award, given by IEEE RAS TC on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics
Winner: ICARUS
Finalists: ICARUS, Universitat de Girona, ENSTA Bretagne Team 1

Best euRathlon MRS Multi-Robot Coordination Award, given by IEEE RAS TC on Multi-Robot Systems
Winner: ICARUS
Finalists: ICARUS, BeBot+AUV Team TomKyle, Universitat de Girona+Cobham

Texas Instruments Special Prizes for Innovation
Winner (Land): Bebot
Winner (Sea): Universitat de Girona
Winner (Air): ICARUS

Marine Trials Student Prize
1st: Universitat de Girona
2nd: ENSTA Bretagne Team 1
3rd: AUV Team TomKyle

Detailed results, scores and ranks for all scenarios can be found in the following links:

– Results (tables):
– KMZ file: