Loan of AUVs + DVL sensors

The euRathlon consortium loaned three SPARUS II AUV manufactured by the University of Girona and two Explorer DVL 600KHz, Phased Array Transducer, 300m depth rating (from Teledyne RD Instruments) ( to three selected applicant teams.

Photo credits: euRathlon/ CATEC

Providing robust platforms and instruments to the teams clearly allowed for shifting of the focus on cognition, intelligence, and autonomy of the robots. In addition, this approach  potentially attracted non-sea domain researchers to enter euRathlon competitions.

The teams that borrowed the AUV + DVL had to apply to the EURATHLON Consortium. The applications received were evaluated by the Consortium to select the teams who were  granted the loan equipment.

SPARUS II specifications

Detailed information about the SPARUS II AUV can be found on the website of the Underwater Robotics Research Centre (CIRS) of the University of Girona .

Photo credits: CIRS


•    1 SPARUS II + DVL to Team OUBOT formed by three teams of Obuda University (Hungary): from the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics (ABC), from John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics (NIK) and from Biotech Knowledge Center (BTTK).
•    1 SPARUS II + DVL to Team Robdos from ETSIN-UPM and the company Robdos. (Spain)
•    1 SPARUS II to Team AUGA (Autonomous Underwater Galician Action) from the University of Vigo and the company SME ACSM. (Spain)

Teams Univeristat the Girona, OUBOT, AUGA and Robdos.
Photo credits: Klemen Istenic