The excellent reputation of our consortium and the aim of euRathlon to be a European robotics platform for extending and showcasing cognitive robotics technologies, guarantees international media coverage and an immediate audience of roboticists and emergency services personnel.

This is a unique opportunity to be associated with a high profile European robotics competition and with universities and institutions leading in robotics research across Europe.

euRathlon 2017 (ERL Emergency Robots) will be held in Italy in September 2017.

We are looking for sponsors for euRathlon 2017 (ERL Emergency Robots 2017) competition. For  information on the sponsorship, please contact Marta Palau Franco (eurathlon@uwe.ac.uk).

Interested companies/organizations are invited to exhibit during the euRathlon 2017 competition. For information, please contact Gabriele Ferri (Gabriele.Ferri@cmre.nato.int) and/or Fausto Ferreira (Fausto.Ferreira@cmre.nato.int).